Welcome to the Rainey Armstrong Family Photo Gallery Entry Page

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This is the main page of the Rainey Armstrong Family Photo Gallery.  We will post here photos of events, images of historic or genelogical importance, and other interesting images.  The link above will take you directly to the gallery's first page.

If you have any pictures or photos you would like us to add to the gallery please let us know so they can become part of our family heritage.


The gallery contains a number of "albums", each for a unique topic or event.  Use the links that follow to go directly to each album.

Crest & Tartan Album

The Armstrong Crest and Tartan are pictured here.

Armstrong Family Ancestors Album

This album contains pictures of some of our ancestors.  If you have photos or images that you think should be in this ablum please contact us so we can add them to our collection.

Reunion 2004 Album

Here are selected photos of our first "offical" Rainey Armstrong Family Reunion held in July, 2004.

Reunion 2007 Album

Selected pictures from our 2nd reunion held in 2007.

Bayfield Cemetery Tour Album

This ablum contains photos taken during a tour of the Bayfield Cemetery, conducted by Ron Armstrong, during Reunion 2007.  Ron gave us detailed descriptions of our family connections to the individuals named on the headstones and grave markers shown in the photos.